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Building materials

Metal tile «CASCADE» JSC «Kobrinskiy Khimik»

Metal tile is a modern roofing material, which not only decorates the house, but also protects the roof. Metal tile has ...

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Profiled sheeting NA-35 JSC "Kobrinskiy Khimik"

Corrugated NA-35 - is the most popular in the wall and roof materials, it is widely used in the constructing sector due ...

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Profiled sheeting TRP-25 JSC "Kobrinskiy Khimik"

Profiled sheeting  TRP-25 is a quality galvanized steel sheet with polymer coating.  It has an increased rigid...

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Drain pipes JSC "Kobrinskiy Khimik"

Rainwater systems protect the outer walls and basement from water, the buildings base and blind area from excessive mois...

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Polystyrene slabs of JSC «Kobrinskiy Khimik»

Polystyrene foam - an environmentally friendly material that is used in construction for over 40 years. Its popularity i...

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Polysyrene Insulated Concrete Formwork of JSC «Kobrinskiy Khimik»

Polysyrene Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is used for permanent construction of monolithic low-rise houses and from f...

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Ceramic bricks JSC «Pruzhany Building Materials Plant»

A ceramic brick is a strong, reliable and environmentally friendly building material. With its unique properties it pro...

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Paving slab JSC «Domanovskiy MTP»

Grey paving concrete slabs (paving configuration “Katushka”). Dimensions: 200´160´80 mm. Produced by dry vibrocom...

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