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Brest Regional Board of Local Industry («Brestmestprom») was organised in 1944 with the aim to unite and manage district industrial plants and cooperative associations established on the liberated territories for ensuring the population by goods and services of the first line. «Brestmestprom» consisted of flour mills, brick factories, wheel-kart and wood-working workshops, sawmills, public services workshops, etc.

In the 1960s the enterprises of the Board produced bricks, furniture, metal products, cleaning detergent agents, bottles, paints and many others. Over the years as a result of concentration and expansion of services, product lines, organisation of public services and many other things some enterprises moved to other sectors of economy.

By the mid-1970s the Board filled in the niche of economy which exists today. During this time there was an association of some enterprises, some went into liquidation, unable to meet the competition.

Today 5 modern, dynamically developing enterprises with about 900 employees, including open joint-stock companies are under the jurisdiction of the Board:

  • «Antopolskaya Cotton-Wool and Spinning Mill», the town of Antopol of Drogichin district,
  • «Domanovskiy Manufacturing and Trade Plant» the village of Domanovo of Ivatsevichi district
  • «Kobrinskiy Khimik» the town of Kobrin,
  • «Pruzhany Building Materials Plant» the town of Pruzhany,
  • «Teplopribor» the town of Bereza.

The state enterprise «Brestmestprom» manages the state share fraction in the Joint Belarusian-Spanish Closed Joint-Stock Society «Belkelme».

The assortment of produced goods of «Brestmestprom» enterprises: industrial fans, trolleybus frames, sodium silicate (block) and soluble glass, metasilicate and hydrated silicate, oil and water-thinned paints, yarn and nonwoven linen (sheet wadding), vegetable (rape) oil, polystyrene plates, metal tile «Kaskad», profile «KNAUF», food and construction chalk, ceramic bricks, and many other things.

The state enterprise «Brestmestprom» 2012.
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